Recommended books

First art : art experiences for toddlers and twos / by Kohl, MaryAnn F; Ramsey, Renee; Bowman, Dana.

A wonderful introduction to toddlers and the value of process over product in their artwork.  Also has a vast list of project ideas.

Young at art : teaching toddlers self-expression, problem-solving skills, and an appreciation for art / by Susan Striker

This author advocates for a very gradual introduction of art supplies to children to allow them to fully explore each material before being distracted by too many options.  She also thoroughly explains the important role of scribbling and making messes and teaches readers how to fully appreciate every stage in their child's art development, and how to facilitate their growth.

Science is Simple:  over 250 activities for preschoolers / by Peggy Ashbrook

Very clear instructions for truly simple (yet fascinating for young children) science experiments.  The book is organized by scientific concepts and each concept has several different hands-on activity suggestions to try with children.  There is also an accompanying list of books to go along with each scientific concept set.

cover art MathArts : exploring math through art for 3 to 6 year olds / Kohl, MaryAnn F.

My favorite art author (see above) writes about Math and Science projects too?  Awesome!

cover art More than counting : standards-based math activities for young thinkers in preschool and kindergarten / Moomaw, Sally

Sally Moomaw is an excellent resource for early STEM education.  See also her titles, Teaching Mathematics in Early Childhood (no Madison Public Library copies yet to link to) and this new one which I haven't even had a chance to read (but can't wait to get my hands on!):

cover art Teaching STEM in the early years : activities for integrating science, technology, engineering, and mathematics / Moomaw, Sally

The Little eLit eBook (online only)
THE go-to resource for learning how to start using apps in your library.  (full disclosure: I am a contributing author.)

cover art The curious kid's science book : 100+ creative hands-on activities for ages 4-8 / Citro, Asia
 Inspiring, excellent inspiration for a WonderWorks class or to do WonderWorks at home.  Easy, practical ideas planted on a solid base of my favorite "Science is play. Let your kids play!" type of philosophy.

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