Aug 9, 2014

Summer Special: Solar Bugs

design your own solar-powered bug that wiggles and jiggles in bright sunlight!

Today's project:  Solar-powered Bugs
solar cells with a vibrating motor (we removed ours from toys similar to this)
sticky-back craft foam sheets (sparkly is especially nice)
wiggle eyes
chenille stems

What kids do:

 not sure if this little guy worked well with his motor hanging off to the side like that...

 love this teeny-tiny purple one!
 the wings on this one fluttered beautifully in the sunlight.
and a solar-powered rocket ship?  Genius!!

tips and notes: 
--these don't work on overcast days, but luckily, the sun came out before the end of our program so kids could test their bugs to make sure they worked.
--if your bug isn't moving and it's in bright sunlight, make sure that the moving part at the end of the motor isn't obstructed before you go to the trouble of replacing the solar cell.

1 comment:

  1. What a cute idea! Our library's after school club would love making these.


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