Feb 6, 2021

Top 5 Apps (and Podcasts!) video series

Throughout the pandemic, I've been creating a series of videos detailing my "Top 5" picks for kids' apps (and one for podcasts!).  I've been reviewing apps for SO long on the library's website that I thought it might be a little overwhelming to navigate even with the handy search tool that allows you to narrow your search.  Plus, there are some categories that are tricky to search for directly, so.... I created these little videos as shortcuts for families looking for my FAVORITE recommendations.  Here's a list of the videos I've created so far in this series:

Top 5 Free Apps for Big Kids

Top 5 Free Apps for Little Kids

Top 5 Apps for Off-Screen Play

Top 5 Spanish Apps for Kids

(also available IN (not-exactly perfect) Spanish here

Top 5 Video Apps for Kids (better than YouTube)

Top 5 Android Apps for Kids

Top Notch Podcasts for Kids and Families 


What other category of apps would you like to see a video about? 

Top 5 Apps for multiple players to play simultaneously?  

Top 5 subscription apps?  

Top 5 educational apps (as if your kid isn't getting enough screen instruction right now...)?

Top 5 paid apps for big / little kids? 

Top 5 Apps you've probably never heard of (but which you would love)? 

These are all themes I've got lists built for already, but what category can you think of that I'm missing? Which of the themes above are YOU most curious about?

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