Oct 19, 2016

WonderWorks: Let's add blocks to the mix

All of the fun from the past two weeks, plus now we add in blocks.

Today's Topic:  PLAY!
all of the supplies from the last two weeks

cover art Blocks / Dickson, Irene
*note: this book, on first glance, is a lovely book about play and sharing (which is fine on its own) but the brilliance of the illustrations really becomes apparent when you pay attention to the gutter (or the crease where the right page and left page meet as you're reading through the book) and how the illustrator has chosen to lay out the illustrations across the gutter.  Also, the endpapers are perfect.  And the characters are diverse.  Love this book for so many reasons!

Oct 12, 2016

WonderWorks: Tunnels & Tubes

What can you do with a tube?

Today's Topic: Tunnels & Tubes
pop-up tunnels
cardboard tubes (I got mine from a carpet store and had some cut down to a shorter size)
toy cars
the water play equipment from last week

 cover art Sam & Dave dig a hole / Barnett, Mac

Oct 3, 2016

The Supper Club presents: Math Apps!

Here are the math apps we talked about this month at the Supper Club.  There are MILLIONS of math apps in the app store, but most seem to be really rote learning even if they're dressed up like play.  These apps below seem to do a much better job of just incorporating math concepts into real-world concepts.  Enjoy!

Activity: geoboards!

Oct 1, 2016

Mini Wild Rumpus at Trucks & Treasures

I took some of the Wild Rumpus materials to Reindahl Park last weekend and invited families to play as part of the Trucks & Treasures event.  We talked to over 200 people!  Here's a few photos of what happened:

Lots of water wall action:
 This young kiddo figured out how to roll inflated inner tubes!
 There is a younger sibling inside this tunnel....
 still there!  soooo heavvvvyyyyy......
 This little guy is doing some excellent drumming on a circle block:
 And this one is having a blast stacking rings on his grandma's head!
 I think this might be railroad tracks?
 And, with the incentive of a free book if you complete a Play Story, there were many completed play stories this time!
 Here's a fort:
 And here's the Play Story version of the fort!
 Here's the play story version of the water wall (see the holes?  the funnel?
 "the blue squiggly line is the water and the green lines are the tubes."
 I love all the rings in this one and the ladder, but I'm not sure what the swing-like things are?

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