Jul 13, 2016

Wild Rumpus Report: Week 5

Week 5 and things are starting to run a little more smoothly and the kids who have attended for multiple weeks are really digging deeper into play even though nothing radically new was added this week.  Let's see what happened:

One "new" thing that was added was some really large appliance boxes.  They made a great house and adding a second made an excellent addition to the house.
 They were also fun to try to roll in!


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Jul 7, 2016

Wild Rumpus Report: Week 4

This week, we added inflatable swim rings and blue paint, both of which were a big hit!  My favorite question this week came from a parent, new to the Wild Rumpus, who saw the pile of inflated pool toys and asked, "What are the kids supposed to do with those?" I assured her that they were free to do whatever they chose to do with them, but she asked again, "yes, but what are they SUPPOSED to do?" and she looked quite skeptical when I assured her that the kids would figure out a way to play with them and that I wouldn't dream of predicting what they'd come up with.  And boy, did they come up with some fun ideas!

 Immediately after this photo was taken, the stack was joyfully kicked down!

 Hopping in this "tube dress" was a lot of fun!

Even tiny babies had fun in the tubes!

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Jul 1, 2016

Apps in the News: Fireworks Lab

Perfect for this time of year!  This fantastic (and free!) app was created by Cowly Owl, a one-man app maker based in London.  You can read my full review online here.

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