May 19, 2015

The Supper Club encourages you to Think Outside the Screen!

Apps that encourage real world play? No way!

(yes way!)

Oh my goodness, look at the date. The next Supper Club is coming up this Thursday and I still haven't blogged April's yet? This was one of my favorite themes so far!  Here are some fantastic apps to encourage real-world play (and joint media engagement):

Drawnimal (iOS only) by yatatoy

Plum's Photo Hunt (free, iOS only) by PBS Kids

Alien Assignment (free, iOS) or Museum Mix-up* (free, Android) by Fred Rogers Center

Sesame Street Family Play (contains in-app purchases, iOS only) by Sesame Street

PBS Parents Play & Learn (free, iOS & Android) by PBS Kids

Super Stretch Yoga (free, iOS only) by The Adventures of Super Stretch

Caspar Babypants: Music Time! (iOS only) by catnap apps

Keezy (free, iOS only) -- you can see a bunch of ideas of how to use this open-ended app here

Story Dice or Rory's Story Cubes ($1.99, iOS & Android)

*I have to admit that since I can't seem to find the charging cord for my Android device, I haven't actually tested Museum Mix-up myself, BUT I completely trust all apps from the Fred Rogers Center and feel pretty confident recommending it.  If your family tries it, I'd love to hear what you think!

 For tonight's craft, we made Hole Art and everyone made really fantastic creations. I loved seeing the creativity!

May 14, 2015

WonderWorks: Pendulums (a.k.a. Wrecking Balls)

Even more fun than catapults!

Today's Topic: Pendulums (or Wrecking Balls!)
cardboard boxes
beach ball
styrofoam cups
large, shallow container (optional)
regular-height tables (instead of our usual short ones)


cover art Bam, bam, bam / Merriam, Eve

May 6, 2015

WonderWorks: The water cycle

A guest presenter brings experiments, books and craft projects!

Today's Topic: The Water Cycle
clear container (like a quart mason jar)
shaving cream
liquid food coloring
coffee filters
washable markers
spray bottle with water
construction paper clouds
cotton balls
rainbow-colored strips of paper
glue sticks

cover art Cloudette / Lichtenheld, Tom
cover art Water can be... / Salas, Laura Purdie
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