Jun 28, 2013

First Chapter Book Club: Fly Guy

Fly Guy is .... supa-fly.

A book club for young readers, each month we feature a different book or series of books, read a selection from one or two books, do some related activities and enjoy a snack.

This month we read:
Fly Guy books by Tedd Arnold.

cover art Hi! Fly Guy / Arnold, Tedd  

(read about our activities after the jump)

Jun 27, 2013

Summer Maker Special: Fairy Gardens and Toad Abodes

Teeny tiny habitats for wee folk and other garden inhabitants.

What we made:  Fairy Gardens (also known as Toad Abodes or Gnome Houses)

-base containers (I used mostly old cake and pie tins that I picked up at a local thrift shop.  Plastic storage containers, large plastic take-out containers and sturdy shoe boxes might also work.)
-potting soil
-paint & brushes
-string and fishing line
-hot glue gun
-plants (a variety, some purchased, others donated by friends with overflowing flowerbeds.  Petite plants work best, mosses and small succulents are perfectly suited for this project.)
-stuff from nature:  shells, stones, twigs, sticks, pinecones, etc.
(more supplies listed after the jump!)

Jun 13, 2013

Tutorial: Wiggle Worm Stick Puppets

A cute little worm for summer crafting!

Next week we dive headfirst into summer mayhem, but I thought I'd share a sneak peek into my upcoming "Wormapalooza" party by showing you this cute "stick puppet" worm I've designed.  It's very simple to make and use.

Jun 4, 2013

Craft Lab: Painting


Sometimes Craft Lab is about using everyday art supplies that we don't have a chance to use every day.

Today's project: Painting (on stretched canvas)

paint (we used gouache, but acrylics might have been better?)
stretched canvases

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