May 20, 2016

Toddler Art Class: Crumpled paintings

Crumple, paint, unfold, repeat.  Or.... just paint some paper.

Art Project: Crumpled Paper Paintings
Liquid Watercolors

Book:  oh my goodness.  It's been too long since I actually did this class and now I can't remember what book I read.  If it comes back to me, I'll return and edit this post.  Sorry.  In the meantime, feel free to choose any book about painting, messiness or crumpling up paper.  The suggested title of Ish by Peter Reynolds was a little too long for this group.

May 17, 2016

The Supper Club Presents: Apps that are Out of the Ordinary

So many apps are often just the same old ideas re-hashed -- this batch of apps takes old standards to new heights!

There seem to be at least a kajillion kids apps that claim to teach kids their numbers, letters, colors and shapes.  They often do these with memory matching games, puzzles, coloring pages and other mostly uninspiring activities.  Here are a few apps that have incorporated those concepts and used those games in fresh, innovative and exceptional ways.

 For this month's craft, we took a storytime standard (the stick puppet) and made it better with a mouth that opens and closes!  You can see the basic concept here, but I got the idea from the great book Make These Toys: 1-1 Clever Creations using everytday items by Heather Swain (p. 72)

May 8, 2016

Toddler Art Class: Chalk + Sandpaper

Chalk and sandpaper is a very satisfying combination!

Art Project: Drawing with Chalk on Sandpaper

cover art Chalk / Thomson, Bill

May 5, 2016

WonderWorks: Wet vs. Dry

Let's talk about what things change when they get wet -- how do they change? Is the change permanent?  So many topics to explore!

Today's Topic: Wet vs. Dry
Things that DO change drastically (sometimes permanently) in water -- feathers, cornstarch-based packing pellets, tissue paper
Things that do NOT change in water -- coins, paper clips, bouncy balls, painted wooden blocks
Things that change a little bit in water -- popsicle sticks, pompoms, pipe cleaners
buckets or bowls
paper to chart your results on (optional)

cover art The wet dry book / Spohn, Kate
This is a GREAT book for the topic as the pages are alternately matte or shiny to mimic things that are wet or dry.

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