Nov 14, 2012

Toddler Art Class: Texture Explorations

Although creating crayon rubbings may be beyond the youngest toddlers, everyone can enjoy feeling different textures!

Art Project:  Texture Explorations / First Crayon Rubbings
peeled crayons (stubs are fine)
paper (scrap paper is fine as long as one side is blank)
a variety of textured items such as:
slate, sandpaper, buttons, keys, mesh screen, baking racks, coins, paper clips, feathers, wood, craft sticks, fabrics (burlap would work great!), foil, pegboard.... look around your home and see what you have to add to this list!

cover art Tails / Van Fleet, Matthew

Music to make art by:
  cover art Papa Goose [sound recording] / Hussey, Nat

Nov 13, 2012

Toddler Art Class: Sandpaper + String

Soft stuff sticks to scratchy stuff---SWEEEEEET!

Art Project: Sandpaper + String
felt scraps
cotton balls (optional)
scissors (optional)

 cover art  
Follow the line / Ljungkvist, Laura

Music to make art by:
  cover art 
 You are my little bird [sound recording] / Mitchell, Elizabeth

Nov 9, 2012

Toddler Art Class: Puffy Paint

Shaving cream "ghosts" can get a bit messy....

Art Project: 
foaming shaving cream
white glue (washable school glue recommended)
dark construction paper
craft sticks (optional)
large shallow pans or bowls

Book:  we actually read this one
 cover art  
Who said boo? / Miranda, Anne 

but I wish we'd read this one (I didn't think of it in time):
cover art
Ghosts in the house! / Kohara, Kazuno 

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