Dec 20, 2012

Wonderworks: Engineering with Tubes
What can you do with a tube?

Engineering Project:  exploring the properties of tubes 
PVC pipe cut into 6" and 12" lengths, plus elbows and other connectors
cardboard tubes (paper towel, t.p., wrapping paper, etc.)
glue dots
toy cars & ballls
extra large cardboard tubes from carpet stores (ask, they'll likely give them to you for free!)
bristle rollers (I found mine at the dollar store and a beauty supply shop)
foam insulation for pipes (just wander the hardware store looking for inexpensive tubes made from different materials!)

 cover art Cars galore / Stein, Peter 

Dec 19, 2012

Craft Lab: Gingerbread Zombies
So tasty, you'll want to eat their brains!

Project: Create Creepy Cookies
gingerbread and/or sugar cookies shaped like people
food coloring
icing tips & other cake decorating supplies
candy (mini m&ms, red & white peppermints, red hots, mini chocolate chips, etc.)

Dec 18, 2012

Toddler Art Class: Crayon "Snowflakes"

Snowflakes drawn in white crayon magically appear with watercolor paint!

Art Project:Crayon Snowflakes
white crayons (I also included gray and silver, just for experimenting with)
white watercolor paper (or other heavy-weight paper)
liquid watercolors (purchased or homemade--see instructions below)
paper towels or rags for catching spills

 cover art All the world / Scanlon, Elizabeth Garton   
( a book about snowflakes would have also worked well, but I love this book and wanted to share it with the group.  We talked about how their white drawings could be snowflakes or clouds or stars or anything else they wanted it to be!)


Dec 13, 2012

WonderWorks: Technology
Technology for Tots--let's start with the obvious.

Apps for Kids

iPads, iPod touches, iPhones as available (some of the parents and caregivers brought their own devices, the rest were owned by the library)

What we read:

cover art Push button / Aliki

Dec 5, 2012

Toddler Art Class: Foil Sculpting
Shiny silver, squishy, squeaky, scratchy sculptures.

Art Project: 
aluminum foil


cover art Stars / Ray, Mary Lyn

Dec 4, 2012

a sneak peek at a new program: WonderWorks!
What happens when solids turn to liquids?

Today's focus-- The Science of Melting
ice (cubes plus one larger "iceberg" frozen before class in a plastic bag or jug)
chocolate chips
birthday candles
wet sand
matches or lighter
powdered paint OR Kool-aid

What we read:

cover art The snowy day / Keats, Ezra Jack

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