Aug 16, 2017

Wild Rumpus, Week 7

Week 7, in which a lot of people discover us when they come to eat at the food trucks. One family even came with balloons to celebrate a birthday!
The sand was, once again, a huge draw for many kids.  This is the third week she's worked on these holes/tunnels.

 Making a "sand angel"
 The nice thing about dry sand is that it pours so easily.
There was some literacy-rich pretend play going on here.  I overheard the words trench, cliff, destroy, asteroid, lava, reveal, track, and discovered.
Balance beam!
 Today was the first time I saw building blocks show up in the sand.

There was also lots of sheets + ladder construction going on.  This first photo is a fire engine.
 She worked for a long time to figure out how to balance these planks so that they'd stay up.
 Evolution of a fort:

I love the cooperative action going on here and that they chose to use the top as a carrying tool.

 Rolling along!
 Who needs official play equipment when you can make drumsticks out of the woodchips from the playground?
 Play story in blue.
 We have two play story display boards now!
 Also new this week -- the iPad video booth for recording play story narratives!
Unfortunately, the iPad we have in the video booth is locked down in such a way that I can't currently figure out how to export the videos to post them here (grrr.... technology....) but if I eventually figure it out, I'll post some videos!  But in the meantime, we got some excellent Play Stories this week-- check them out!

I also love this play memory from a grown-up:

Aug 2, 2017

Wild Rumpus, Week 6: "The most fun I've had since my birthday party" (actual child quote)

It was our rainiest day ever.  Luckily, it was dry when we unloaded the trailer and it had stopped raining by the time we loaded up, but in the middle?  Well, just take a look.

During the brief time of dry weather at the beginning of the program, this kiddo decided to try her hole and tunnel digging project from last week again.  I asked her if the holes in the middle of the tunnel were to help her clear the dirt from the middle section and she said those were actually just accidental (but apparently they were quite strong!).
Here's her play story from last week and then this week:

We also started something new recently -- a pop-up shelter tent for the Play Stories, to make them more eye-catching and more apparently a significant element of the program.  The signs were new this week and the tent was a big hit!
And then.... the rains came down!  Some kids chose to go ahead and play in the downpour:

 Others came inside the shelter area and played with blocks.

 And then the rain started flooding the shelter.
 We didn't want the blocks to get soaked, so we picked them up quickly and put them back on the carts.
 One kiddo decided to build a dam.
 And then, we he felt safe from the encroaching water, built himself a chair.
 Which soon turned into a bed.
 From inside the shelter looking out:
 She was so proud to be up so high all by herself!  (check out all the grown-ups looking out at the rain.)
From outside the shelter looking in:
Many kids decided to just revel in the rain:
 Love the joy on her face!
This might be my favorite use of the inflatable innertubes so far:
 Boats!  There's even an oar!
 This guy didn't want to get wet, so he was being very careful about how he got onto the innertube.  Note the stabilizing use of a ladder as a seat.
 Or just use the shovel to dig up water.
 I had no idea these two pieces would fit together so nicely!
 Volunteering to help "Clean" the tent.
 When the rain died down another few families joined us with the clever accessory of RAINBOOTS!
 These are "watercakes."
 I didn't talk to this kiddo about their play story, but ... i think I know what it might be.
 Love the rain and the fancy dress in this drawing.
All in all, it wasn't a huge crowd, but the dedicated fans who showed up had an absolute blast.  Even if they did get a little chilly when they were soaked to the skin and had to be wrapped up in our play bedsheets!
Parent reflection for today:

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