Dec 20, 2012

Wonderworks: Engineering with Tubes
What can you do with a tube?

Engineering Project:  exploring the properties of tubes 
PVC pipe cut into 6" and 12" lengths, plus elbows and other connectors
cardboard tubes (paper towel, t.p., wrapping paper, etc.)
glue dots
toy cars & ballls
extra large cardboard tubes from carpet stores (ask, they'll likely give them to you for free!)
bristle rollers (I found mine at the dollar store and a beauty supply shop)
foam insulation for pipes (just wander the hardware store looking for inexpensive tubes made from different materials!)

 cover art Cars galore / Stein, Peter 

Dec 19, 2012

Craft Lab: Gingerbread Zombies
So tasty, you'll want to eat their brains!

Project: Create Creepy Cookies
gingerbread and/or sugar cookies shaped like people
food coloring
icing tips & other cake decorating supplies
candy (mini m&ms, red & white peppermints, red hots, mini chocolate chips, etc.)

Dec 18, 2012

Toddler Art Class: Crayon "Snowflakes"

Snowflakes drawn in white crayon magically appear with watercolor paint!

Art Project:Crayon Snowflakes
white crayons (I also included gray and silver, just for experimenting with)
white watercolor paper (or other heavy-weight paper)
liquid watercolors (purchased or homemade--see instructions below)
paper towels or rags for catching spills

 cover art All the world / Scanlon, Elizabeth Garton   
( a book about snowflakes would have also worked well, but I love this book and wanted to share it with the group.  We talked about how their white drawings could be snowflakes or clouds or stars or anything else they wanted it to be!)


Dec 13, 2012

WonderWorks: Technology
Technology for Tots--let's start with the obvious.

Apps for Kids

iPads, iPod touches, iPhones as available (some of the parents and caregivers brought their own devices, the rest were owned by the library)

What we read:

cover art Push button / Aliki

Dec 5, 2012

Toddler Art Class: Foil Sculpting
Shiny silver, squishy, squeaky, scratchy sculptures.

Art Project: 
aluminum foil


cover art Stars / Ray, Mary Lyn

Dec 4, 2012

a sneak peek at a new program: WonderWorks!
What happens when solids turn to liquids?

Today's focus-- The Science of Melting
ice (cubes plus one larger "iceberg" frozen before class in a plastic bag or jug)
chocolate chips
birthday candles
wet sand
matches or lighter
powdered paint OR Kool-aid

What we read:

cover art The snowy day / Keats, Ezra Jack

Nov 14, 2012

Toddler Art Class: Texture Explorations

Although creating crayon rubbings may be beyond the youngest toddlers, everyone can enjoy feeling different textures!

Art Project:  Texture Explorations / First Crayon Rubbings
peeled crayons (stubs are fine)
paper (scrap paper is fine as long as one side is blank)
a variety of textured items such as:
slate, sandpaper, buttons, keys, mesh screen, baking racks, coins, paper clips, feathers, wood, craft sticks, fabrics (burlap would work great!), foil, pegboard.... look around your home and see what you have to add to this list!

cover art Tails / Van Fleet, Matthew

Music to make art by:
  cover art Papa Goose [sound recording] / Hussey, Nat

Nov 13, 2012

Toddler Art Class: Sandpaper + String

Soft stuff sticks to scratchy stuff---SWEEEEEET!

Art Project: Sandpaper + String
felt scraps
cotton balls (optional)
scissors (optional)

 cover art  
Follow the line / Ljungkvist, Laura

Music to make art by:
  cover art 
 You are my little bird [sound recording] / Mitchell, Elizabeth

Nov 9, 2012

Toddler Art Class: Puffy Paint

Shaving cream "ghosts" can get a bit messy....

Art Project: 
foaming shaving cream
white glue (washable school glue recommended)
dark construction paper
craft sticks (optional)
large shallow pans or bowls

Book:  we actually read this one
 cover art  
Who said boo? / Miranda, Anne 

but I wish we'd read this one (I didn't think of it in time):
cover art
Ghosts in the house! / Kohara, Kazuno 

Oct 31, 2012

Craft Lab: Horrorgami

Spooky origami, perfect for Halloween!

Art Project: Horrorgami
square paper

Oct 30, 2012

NeedleReads: Infinity Scarves

Circle scarf, Infinity scarf, scarf-lace (as opposed to necklace).... call it what you want, this accessory is all the rage and is almost as easy to sew as it is to wear!

Sewing Project: Bias-Cut Infinity Scarves
fabric with a good drape (knits, crepes, etc.  anything soft and flowy will work well)
Cutting mats (the larger the better, best if they have the 45-degree angle line marked clearly)
rotary knives
large rulers
iron (somewhat optional)
this measurement guide  with options for short (headband size!), medium and long scarves

Oct 25, 2012

Toddler Art Class: Pumpkin Prints

 Who needs paintbrushes when you've got gourds?

Art Project:  Painting with Pumpkins
a variety of mini-pumpkins and other winter squash
cardboard or heavy paper

cover art Five little pumpkins /  

Music to make art by: 

Oct 13, 2012

Toddler Art: Soggy Chalk Drawings

Adding water to chalk makes especially bright marks on dark paper (also, spray bottles are F-U-N!).

Art Project:  Soggy Chalk Drawings
colored chalk (we used "artist's chalk" in class, but sidewalk chalk works just as well and is often better suited for small hands)
dark construction paper
spray bottles, sponges, paintbrushes

  cover art
Night lights / Gal, Susan

Music to make art by: 

cover art

Oct 3, 2012

Toddler Art: Milk Painting

Your kitchen cupboard holds the ingredients for a fabulous (and tasty) paint!

Art Project: Milk Paint
sweetened condensed milk
food coloring
shallow bowls
lightweight cardboard (or heavyweight paper)
regular paint (in case of kids with dairy allergies)
wet wipes!


cover art Kitten's first full moon / Henkes, Kevin
Music to make art by:  
cover art Catch the moon [sound recording] / Loeb, Lisa

Toddler Art Class: Water Painting

Painting with water on stone, a Zen art form that delights toddlers!

Art Project:  Water Painting 
slate tiles (I used 6" squares found at a local home improvement store in packs of 4 for $3.50)
paintbrushes of various sizes
cotton balls
cotton swabs (Q-tips)
shallow bowls
cardboard or paper bags (optional)


cover art 

Puddle jumping : a book about bravery / Quay, Emma  

Sep 27, 2012

Toddler Art Class: Collages

Tissue paper, foil, magazines and homemade paste combine to make a beautiful mess!

Art Project: Paper Collages with homemade paste
A variety of paper scraps (old magazines, tissue paper, paper bags, newspapers, etc)
paste (cooked from flour, sugar, water and vinegar)
large pieces of paper (or rolls of paper taped down to the tables)

cover art Beautiful oops! / Saltzberg, Barney

Aug 28, 2012

NeedleReads: Back-to-school with pencil bags

 Make a pencil bag you'll be happy to see each time you do your homework!

Project:  Zippered pencil bags
10" or longer zippers
grommets or extra large eyelets (get the "kit" that has the hammer-ready setting tools in it!)
(optional) clear plastic for a "window" in your bag
patterns/instructions:  here and here

Aug 16, 2012

Craft Lab: Glow in the Dark Party

Fun with florescence!

Craft Lab:  Glow in the Dark Party

glow sticks
glow-in-the-dark paint
a blacklight (the florescent, bar-shaped kind, not just a "black" lightbulb)
baking soda
hydrogen peroxide (6% solution, available at beauty supply stores)
Dawn dish soap
liquid starch (or Borax)
white school glue
plastic tubs to catch messes
highlighter pens (especially yellow, orange and pink)
resealable plastic baggies
plastic or glass bottles with a narrow neck
glass jars with lids
neon colored straws, pipe cleaners, anything, really!
camera with adjustable shutter and aperture settings for long exposure shots
black t-shirts

Aug 11, 2012

NeedleReads: Snappy Bags

Snappy bags use a surprising material for the "snap" (hint:  you might have some in your toolbox).

Project:  Snappy Bags

metal measuring tape
scissors (not your best ones, but not kid-scissors either)
duct tape
rotary knives and cutting mats (optional, but very handy!)

Craft Lab: Sock Zombies

Sock Zombies want to eat your brains and steal your heart!

clean socks in a variety of colors and sizes
needles and thread
wiggle eyes
paint (especially red)
permanent markers
pipe cleaner
eye makeup?  metal washers?

Craft Lab: Duct Tape Mania!

Duct Tape--on beyond duct work!

Duct tape (buy tons.  more than you think you'll need.  in colors and in patterns.)
permanent markers (variety of colors!)
patterns and instructions for projects (see links at the bottom of this post for ideas)
plastic "jewels" (optional)
sticky back velcro (optional)

Jul 26, 2012

Craft Lab: Shrinky Dinks

Shrinky Dinks are (still) amazing to watch!

Craft Lab:  Shrinky Dinks
Frosted Ruff 'n Ready Shrinky Dink plastic
regular pencils
colored pencils
pencil sharpener
permanent markers
hole punch
toaster ovens and/or heat guns
(optional, but nice--jewelry findings (earring backs, pendant bails, pin backs, adjustable-size ring blanks, etc. and E-6000 glue)

Craft Lab: Inkodye!

Create sun prints on fabric, wood and other natural materials in blue, red or orange!

Craft Lab:  Inkodye 
paint brushes (craft paint rollers would have been nice too!)
fairly flat, solid found objects with interesting silhouettes (keys, buttons, paperclips, safety pins, etc.)
permanent markers
clear plastic wrap
fabric and unfinished wood pieces to dye (thrift stores and craft stores are good sources)
a sunny spot
hot water
a place to dry objects (out of the sun)

Craft Lab: Teen Lantern Workshop

Tricky paper folds, wine glasses and hot wax combine to make beautiful lanterns!
Craft Lab: Teen Lantern Workshop
beeswax or paraffin
large glass jar or tin can
electric teakettle
water balloons (fill them using a squeezable plastic water bottle like bicyclists use!)
wine glasses
battery-operated tea light "candles"

Jun 26, 2012

NeedleReads: Travel sewing kits

A little something to keep your craft supplies organized on roadtrips this summer.

Project:  Travel Sewing Kit
fabric (quilting weight or linen will work best)
scrap of quilt batting (or polar fleece or felt)

Book:  Zakka Style edited by Rashida Coleman-Hale  (p. 22)

Apr 24, 2012

NeedleReads: scrappy cards

Your fabric scrap bin meets the U.S. mail!
Sewing Project: scrappy cards
blank notecards (or ugly ones you want to rejuvenate!)
fabric scraps
sewing machines

Book:  Denyse Schmidt Quilts by Denyse Schmidt

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