Aug 22, 2019

Videos from 1st Annual True Play Conference now available online!

If you wished you could attend the 1st Annual True Play Conference in Anji County this past May but just couldn't make it.... good news!  The presentations are all now online and available for free!

Follow this link to see the whole list.

My personal favorite presenters were:

Ms Cheng  the founder of Anji Play

Cas Holman, play materials designer

Principal Sheng Yi from Jiguan Kindergarten in Anji

Dr. Mariana Brussoni who studies risk in play

Dr. Andreas Roepstorff from Aarhus University discussing the paradox of studying/analyzing true play

I also really liked some of the points that Peter Mangione made in his presentation.

And of course, here's a link to my presentation in case you'd like to watch that.

We're hard at work creating the schedule for the 2020 True Play Conference!  details soon!

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