Apr 24, 2012

NeedleReads: Freezer Paper Stencil

Did you know you could mimic the look of screen printing with a few simple, inexpensive supplies?
Sewing Project: Freezer paper stencils
freezer paper
exacto knives
cutting mats
sponge brushes

Book:  Screen your Stuff by Marion Levy

This book is actually about screen printing using contact paper instead of chemicals, but I included it in this class because it has some great patterns for printing.  This class was part of a series of fabric alteration classes (screen printing, freezer paper stenciling and simple batiks).  Everyone chose a design they wanted to print, then cut the design from freezer paper with a knife (or using the die-cut machine if they wanted something super fast).  Iron the freezer paper to your fabric (shiny side down!), paint the exposed sections with a sponge brush and remove the freezer paper.

Hindsight Tip:  Don't forget to provide drying space for the wet-paint items!

Variations to try: 
contact paper stenciling + die cut shapes would make this appropriate for even young children
screen printing!

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