Jun 26, 2012

NeedleReads: Travel sewing kits

A little something to keep your craft supplies organized on roadtrips this summer.

Project:  Travel Sewing Kit
fabric (quilting weight or linen will work best)
scrap of quilt batting (or polar fleece or felt)

Book:  Zakka Style edited by Rashida Coleman-Hale  (p. 22)

Things we learned in class today:  
--a few basics about bias tape (do you know why double-fold bias tape is creased not exactly in half?)
--more practice with the cutting mat, ruler and rotary knife.
--if you make the pattern from the Zakka Style book, the diagram about the "leather thong" ties is confusing.  You want most of the length of the ties to be on top of your fabric and only 1/2" of the ties overhang the END of your whole travel kit.  That way, when you turn it inside out, the 1/2" will be inside with the batting and your ties will be free to wrap around the sewing kit.
Variations to try: 
I [heart] patchwork by Rashida Coleman-Hale (p. 25)
Embroidery Companionby Alicia Paulson (notions needlebook, p. 39)

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