Jul 26, 2012

Craft Lab: Shrinky Dinks

Shrinky Dinks are (still) amazing to watch!

Craft Lab:  Shrinky Dinks
Frosted Ruff 'n Ready Shrinky Dink plastic
regular pencils
colored pencils
pencil sharpener
permanent markers
hole punch
toaster ovens and/or heat guns
(optional, but nice--jewelry findings (earring backs, pendant bails, pin backs, adjustable-size ring blanks, etc. and E-6000 glue)

1.  Draw your design and color it in, using colored pencils or permanent markers (remember, the color will intensify as it shrinks!).

 2.  Cut out your design.  If you want holes in your final product (to add it to a necklace, for instance), punch them now.  Remember, your hole will shrink too, so a standard size paper hole punch will shrink down to just the right size for a jewelry wire to go through.

3.  Bake it in a toaster oven (or blast it with a heat gun) following the instructions on the package.


(during--look at that curl!)

(whoa!  it flipped all the way over!)
4.  Make something with it!  Some ideas include:  jewelry of all kinds, zipper pulls, nametags (for lockers or bedroom doors, etc.), game boards and game pieces, magnets, hair clips, suncatchers... you're limited only by your imagination!
Notes from class: Although 7 teens were signed up to attend today's program, only two were in attendance (and neither of them had actually registered!).  One of the teens commented that the other participants who didn't show up were really missing out--this was his favorite Craft Lab so far!

 Variations to try: 
Feeling brave?  Try rings!
Want an even cheaper option?  Dig through your recycling bin for #6 recyclable plastics, then follow this tutorial

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