Mar 7, 2013

Toddler Art Class: Painting with Cars, revisited!

Zoom, zoom, zoom, art on wheels!
Art Project:  Painting with cars
paper (we used a large roll of white butcher paper to completely cover the tables)
toy cars


 cover art Miles to go / Harper, Jamie

 cover art Mini racer / Dempsey, Kristy

Music to make art by: 

cover art Family favorites [sound recording]. Music Together

 What Kids Do: 
dip the car wheels in paint and drive over the paper.

trying it with two cars

or no cars

or no paint

or no paper

or just painting the cars themselves

Hindsight Tips: 
--We did this project once before but since it was hugely popular that time, I wanted to try it again.  Repetition with toddlers is never a bad idea!  (and actually, no one commented on the repeat.)  This time, I simplified things by only having cars and paint (no brushes, no sponges) and clean-up was simpler and more of the kids actually tried the painting with cars method.  Lesson learned:  simple is better!

--Although I like to limit paint to two colors to more easily and clearly illustrate the concepts of color mixing (without the distraction of mixing EVERYTHING together to make muddy brown every time), mixing red and yellow with cars did make for some rather grisly-looking scenarios.  maybe red and purple next time?  The gold glitter paint helped a bit...

Adult Challenge:  Big hands off the art!  Try to resist showing your child "how to do" this project by demonstrating and just watch as they

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