Apr 5, 2013

Needle Felting at the library

Stabbing fuzzy things never felt so good!  (Sorry.  Terrible pun!)

NeedleReads AND Craft Lab this month featured:  Needle Felting!

wool roving
foam blocks
felting needles


cover art I felt awesome : tips and tricks for 35+ needle-poked projects / Moxie

What we did:
--made Angry Birds:

 Cute furry brown creatures:
 Orange guys with top hats

 Coffee cup sleeves:
 wrist warmers:

 Itty bitty babies:
 And olives.  Lots of olives:

Everyone enjoyed these projects immensely!  I had requests in both classes to repeat the needlefelting again next month.  It was a bit of an investment to get all of the supplies, but it was completely worth it!

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