May 21, 2013

NeedleReads: T-shirt Scarves
Abandoned T-shirts find new life as cute scarves!

Sewing Project: T-shirt Scarves
T-shirts for cutting up
Scissors and/or rotary knives
cutting mats & rulers

What we did:
What a great class we had tonight!  Despite the fact that there was a conflict in the meeting room schedule, we had plenty of room out in the library to do this project.  Everyone managed to pick no-sew scarf options and they turned out fantastic!  Here are some general guidelines and tips as well as links to a few of the patterns:

 Step 1:  Cut the hem off of your shirt.  If it's curved (it often is), cut it straight across so that you have a straight edge to work with.
 Step 2:  Choose which scarf you're going to make a go for it!  Popular options tonight were the spiral ruffle scarf (although we didn't bother with the glue they mention in that link), t-shirt yarn scarves (either in an infinity scarf style or "ringlets"), finger-knit scarves, and a hole-y design inspired by this photo.

 Tips:  to make your t-shirt curl up, stretch it (gently but firmly).  It helps to have a partner if it's a large loop.  Some jersey doesn't curl up and it's difficult to tell just by looking or feeling the shirt.  Before you cut 20 loops, try stretching one to make sure it's a "curler" if that's the look you're going for.

Spiral Ruffle scarves are most graceful when the path of the spirals are at least 1.5-2" wide.

 I love the way this crafter incorporated a "clasp" on her scarf/necklace!
More design ideas for your inspiration:
The Square Ruffle Scarf (this one does require sewing!)
Large + Loose finger knitting option
reverse applique scarf
"knotty" t-shrit yarn 
chained "ringlets"
Or the easiest option of all--cut one giant loop from your t-shirt (cut off the hem and cut straight across the top just under the sleeve) and wear that around your neck--2 minute scarf and surprisingly good-looking and comfy!

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