Jun 13, 2013

Tutorial: Wiggle Worm Stick Puppets

A cute little worm for summer crafting!

Next week we dive headfirst into summer mayhem, but I thought I'd share a sneak peek into my upcoming "Wormapalooza" party by showing you this cute "stick puppet" worm I've designed.  It's very simple to make and use.

What you need:
somewhat stiff ribbon or rickrack (about 6" lengths)
wiggle eyes
small craft sticks (not jumbo)
gluestick or glue dots

What you do:

1.  Glue one end of your ribbon to a craft stick.
2.  Glue the other end of your ribbon to another craft stick.
3.  Glue wiggle eyes on (or draw some with a marker).
4.  LET THE GLUE DRY for awhile (at least 10 minutes?) before using your puppet.  You could also try using glue-dots instead of glue stick for more immediate gratification.

Operate your puppet by placing your sticks flat on a table or other surface and moving the sticks one at a time to "inch" your worm forward.
I love the way this rickrack looks, but I also found this fantastic canvas-backed glitter ribbon at a nearby fabric store and it's got great structure too.  Plus, it sparkles!
Other options:
--decorate your worm with markers, paint, pom-poms or glitter.
--trim the ends of your ribbon into curves to make it look more worm-like.
--try using DIY twist-ties from washi tape instead of ribbon.
--try using a strip of paper instead of ribbon.

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