Nov 21, 2013

Craft Lab: Dr. Who party!
Celebrating 50 years of the Doctor with crafts galore!

This Saturday is the special 50th anniversary episode of Dr. Who and I have some pretty serious teen fans of Dr. Who in my neighborhood, so we gathered together for some Whovian crafts.  Here's what we made:

Print-and-fold Tardis:
 Sonic screwdriver pens (these were the most popular activity of the day and looked awesome.  The one we tried in a toaster oven didn't work (the pen melted), so I hope that baking them in a home oven worked better...We did use a different brand of pen...):

 DIY fez hats!:

We also had this super cute Dr. Who paper doll printable, various YouTube clips, duct tape bowties, and instructions for how to write your name in Circular Gallifreyan.  If the weather had been better, we would have tried making TARDIS-flying-through-space T-shirts, but there's always next time...

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