Aug 6, 2014

Toddler Art Class: Water Graffiti

So much joy can be derived from simply painting large surfaces with water and a paintbrush!

Art Project:Painting outside with water
containers for water
paintbrushes (a variety of sizes if possible)

  cover art Rain play / Cotten, Cynthia

 What Kids Do:  paint the sidewalk with a brush

paint the sidewalk with their hand

paint their hand
paint their face
paint the bushes
paint with the bushes (or at least some sort of bits of nature)

paint the wall

paint the windowsill
paint the door

taste the brush
 dump out the water

love it so very much that they ask to paint outside with water when they get back home after class.

 Variations to try: 
If the weather isn't cooperating, painting slate tiles with water is also fun

Adult Challenge:  Watch!  There's pretty much NO way to do this one wrong, so just see what your child discovers at their own pace.

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