Sep 4, 2014

Toddler Art Class: Foam Paint

Squishy like shaving cream or whipped cream with equally exciting sounds when it comes out of the can but it's paint!

Art Project: Foam Paint
foam paint
heavy cardstock or light cardboard
clean-up supplies!

cover art I ain't gonna paint no more! / Beaumont, Karen    

To wrap up our summer painting series, I thought I'd pull out a new product to try out-- FOAM PAINT!

 What Kids Do: 
poke the paint. 
 pat the paint.
 get their hands covered!

 (By the way, when you pat this paint, sometimes hunks of it just fly across the table. It is SO exciting!)
 Make very thick paintings (No, it doesn't dry quite like this--it deflates over time.  Boo.)
 Make patterns with their fingernails.

 Turn the bowls upside down and realize that the paint doesn't move.
 Some kids just couldn't handle the sensory input, so... sponge brushes for them!

 The parents enjoyed this paint too.  Loved this little joint masterpiece!

Hindsight Tips:
--This paint does have a tendency to stain hands until they're washed with soap and water, then it mostly comes off.
--This is a fairly quick project (most kids were ready to move on to other activities fairly quickly).

 Variations to try: 
This is similar to shaving cream and food coloring, but easier clean up (less soapy).  It also squishes down to just being paint quicker than shaving cream.  They're different, but similar.

Adult Challenge: Observe your child's demeanor.  Are they proud?  Frustrated? Bored? That's your clue as to how they feel about the art they're creating. Respond to their emotion instead of responding to whatever designs they've created.

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