Oct 23, 2014

The Supper Club presents: Monster Apps!

App-makers just loooooove monsters!

The Supper Club: Monster edition

One of my morning storytime themes this month was "Monsters" and when I went searching for a good app to use during that storytime, I realized that there were so many great options that I was going to have difficulty choosing only one.  Hooray for The Supper Club where I can talk about all of them!  This month's apps included:

The Monster at the End of this Book (by Sesame Street) available on iTunes or Amazon

Even Monsters get Sick (by Busy Bee Studios)

Breathe, Think, Do (by Sesame Street) available for free on iTunes, Amazon or Google Play

Go Away, Big Green Monster (by Night & Day Studios)

Endless Alphabet (by Originator)

Toca Kitchen Monsters (by Toca Boca) (Free!)

Sago Mini Monsters (by Sago Sago)

You can read my quick summary of each app from this month's "App Menu."

Hands-on Craft:
Tonight's hands-on craft was provided by one of my favorite app developers, Sago Sago.  We made paper finger puppets modeled after their Mini Monsters app!  You can download the monster silhouettes here. (The files are full-page versions of the monsters which are great for coloring, but if you want to make them into finger puppets or stick puppets, you'll have to edit the files or reduce them with a photocopier.)  We added wiggle eyes and a strip of paper at the bottom to make them into finger puppets. The kids loved making their own Sago mini monster to take home!

Adult Challenge: 
Become a media model and limit your own media consumption.  Children learn best by example.

App Discovery Tip: 
Check YouTube for walkthrough reviews of apps for a chance to preview them in action before buying.

Free App Drawings:
This month's participants also had the opportunity to enter a drawing to receive free copies of two apps: Even Monsters get Sick and Even Monsters are Shy, all donated by Busy Bee Studios.

Many thanks to Busy Bee Studios and Sago Sago for your generosity!

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