Aug 6, 2015

Craft Lab: Screen Printing

Bubbler Jr. brings Lesley Numbers to the Alicia Ashman branch for some fantastic screen printing lessons!

Today's project: Screen Printing
(a hired professional, optional)
screens (pre-burned or blank)
something to print on
screen printing ink
plastic sheets to cut shapes from (same size as your screens, if possible)
cutting tools (we used die cut machine, scissors, exacto knives....)

What the teens did:
Learn the basic technique--

 Speed up drying with a hair dryer--

 Use the blank screens to create their own designs---
 Cut a design from the plastic sheets, then tape it to a screen, covering all the screen that you DON'T want ink to go through--
 Make cute matching BFF! shirts (with a little hand-painted heart to cover up the identical smudges in the corner--brilliant!)--
 Make your own Deadpool shirt--
 Touch up bits with a paintbrush if necessary--
 Or... just add some new bits (nice shades, duck!)
Thanks for the fun lesson!

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