May 8, 2016

Toddler Art Class: Chalk + Sandpaper

Chalk and sandpaper is a very satisfying combination!

Art Project: Drawing with Chalk on Sandpaper

cover art Chalk / Thomson, Bill
Where I got the inspiration for this project: Kids Play Box

 What Kids Do:  Multiple chalks in one hand!
Two-handed drawing!

Draw on the BACK side of the sandpaper for a totally different texture!
Taste the chalk!
Rub the sandpaper on the table and appreciate the sound and feel of the friction!
Draw with chalk on your mom!
Draw with chalk on yourself!
Discover that sandpaper sticks to your clothes!
Wait.... representational drawings?  I think these were some older siblings....

Hindsight Tip:  This project didn't hold the attention of this age group (in my experience) for very long.  Maybe it was just the mood that day, but there was only a bit of trying this one out before they were ready to run around. I'm beginning to wonder if I should just give everyone painted feet and let them paint the sidewalks this summer as they run around.....

 Variations to try: 
Sandpaper + string
Sandpaper + crayons (makes a t-shirt iron-on! note: I'm pretty sure I've done this project in Toddler Art Class before, but I can't find a blog post about it...)
see also the Kids Play Box link above for even more ideas!


  1. I was curious how much and where you purchased your sandpaper. I have always wanted to do this craft, but with over 50 children, I was worried about the cost. I'm hoping to have a good solution because this looks like a great art project.

  2. I always try to get the "bulk packs" at the big box hardware stores. They're not SUPER cheap, but not prohibitively expensive. I also recently found smaller sheets of sandpaper (maybe 4-5" squares?) sold in a multi-pack at the dollar store, so check there too. Good luck!


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