Dec 10, 2016

The Supper Club presents: Apps about Emotions

When kids know more specific words for emotions (like "frustrated" or "furious" instead of just "mad") it's easier for us to help them find the right ways to handle their feelings.  Here are some great apps that both directly and indirectly offer opportunities to talk to kids about different emotions.

Silly Snouts by Three Little Witches (iOS, 99c)

Chomp by Fox & Sheep (iOS, $2.99)

Breathe Think Do by Sesame Street (iOS & Android, free)

Fiete Match by Ahoiii (iOS & Android, $2.99)

Gigglebug’s Face Race by Gigglebug Entertainment (iOS only, $2.99)

Peek-A-Zoo HD by Duck Duck Moose (free, iOS only)

Sago Mini Dress Up by Sago Mini (free, iOS only)
--This cute baby animals aren't afraid to show you how they feel about the clothes you choose for them!

Tinybop’s Me (iOS only, $2.99)
--I love how it asks users what color makes them think of certain emtions!

Take out box:
Toontastic by Launchpad Toys (iOS only, FREE (originally a $20 app, now it's free because Google bought it.  Hooray!))
--check out the moods the different music sliders can set!

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