Jan 31, 2017

AnjiPlayDate: Week 3, a snow day

Snowstorms change the dynamics of this indoor program!

School was cancelled today because of a snowstorm, but the library remained open and a few intrepid families showed up and had a great time at this week's Anji Play Date.  The group was both much younger than usual AND also included two school-age siblings that normally can't attend because they're in school  Attendance was also about half the usual and most people showed up later because of the bad roads, so we didn't start with our usual review of the previous week (at the beginning of the program only two parents and two kids, none of whom had attended Week 2) but just dived right in to the play.

The markers themselves were lots of fun this week.  I lost track of how many times they were dumped onto the floor!

 Even the marker bucket became a fun toy helmet!
 I believe this red rope designates a "sidewalk" here.
 Several young folks dressed up as "robots" with the cardboard tubes. This is one of their favorite ways to play with the pop-up tunnel if they're lucky enough to have it to themselves.
 Great balancing on this spool!
More great balancing and pathfinding on blocks (and a spool in the background):

A play story from this week:

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