Jul 19, 2017

A Wild Rumpus, week 4: Wet sand is the BEST!

It may not have rained during the program, but whoooooeeee was it WET!  But do you know what?  That means there's tons of water and you know what's fun?  WATER!  You can dip plenty of water out of puddles:

 And water plus SAND? Possibly one of the best combinations ever.

 I didn't quite catch it on film, but this young person had just been asking his dad to help him dig this trench and when dad suggested instead that he try to figure out how to dig the trench himself, he poured water on it from this watering can and... bingo!  The level of the sand lowered!
Of course, there was still lots of "cooking and baking" going on as well:

and some kids got really into the water.
 REALLY into the water!

Outside of the sandbox, we saw:
Some excellent balancing action--

 An infinity-loop tunnel--
 Some tree climbing (can you see the person way up there?)--
 and some deep engagement with creating play stories.  Check out that tongue!
Here are some of the fantastic play stories from this week:

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