Aug 16, 2017

Wild Rumpus, Week 7

Week 7, in which a lot of people discover us when they come to eat at the food trucks. One family even came with balloons to celebrate a birthday!
The sand was, once again, a huge draw for many kids.  This is the third week she's worked on these holes/tunnels.

 Making a "sand angel"
 The nice thing about dry sand is that it pours so easily.
There was some literacy-rich pretend play going on here.  I overheard the words trench, cliff, destroy, asteroid, lava, reveal, track, and discovered.
Balance beam!
 Today was the first time I saw building blocks show up in the sand.

There was also lots of sheets + ladder construction going on.  This first photo is a fire engine.
 She worked for a long time to figure out how to balance these planks so that they'd stay up.
 Evolution of a fort:

I love the cooperative action going on here and that they chose to use the top as a carrying tool.

 Rolling along!
 Who needs official play equipment when you can make drumsticks out of the woodchips from the playground?
 Play story in blue.
 We have two play story display boards now!
 Also new this week -- the iPad video booth for recording play story narratives!
Unfortunately, the iPad we have in the video booth is locked down in such a way that I can't currently figure out how to export the videos to post them here (grrr.... technology....) but if I eventually figure it out, I'll post some videos!  But in the meantime, we got some excellent Play Stories this week-- check them out!

I also love this play memory from a grown-up:

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