Feb 15, 2018

New book (and podcast episode) about kids and screen time

Dad + me (and a smartphone)
I've got a new episode of the App Fairy in the works (so exciting!) but while I'm polishing it up, here's a great podcast interview about kids and screen time.  I've been reading about this issue for YEARS, but learned a few new things from this author, so give it a listen!


It's based on a new book (which I haven't read yet) called The Art of Screen Time: how your family can balance digital media and real life by Anya Kamenetz

Don't forget!  Although I'm not doing a regular monthly app storytime this season, there will be a few app storytimes (called the Supper Club) at other branches.

April 3, Pinney Library, 6:00

May 3, Central Library, 6:00

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