Aug 28, 2012

NeedleReads: Back-to-school with pencil bags

 Make a pencil bag you'll be happy to see each time you do your homework!

Project:  Zippered pencil bags
10" or longer zippers
grommets or extra large eyelets (get the "kit" that has the hammer-ready setting tools in it!)
(optional) clear plastic for a "window" in your bag
patterns/instructions:  here and here

We had seven people show up for NeedleReads this month.  Four people were attending their first NeedleReads class-welcome!  This month's project was pencil bags.  Most participants were excited about the zipper lesson and almost everyone left with a finished project (including Magda who, after an unexpected sewing slip-up, decided to change her zipper bag into a microwaveable rice pillow which she liked even better, hooray for happy accidents!) or at least with a very clear idea of the few steps they still needed to do at home in order to finish their bag.  It was so crazy busy that I forgot to take pictures until the last minute, so here's a few to give you a peek into this week's class:

(faux fur and flannel make for interesting textures on your bag!)

check out those great grommets that allow K. to clip this into her three-ring binder.  Great work, everyone!  See you next month!

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