Aug 11, 2012

NeedleReads: Snappy Bags

Snappy bags use a surprising material for the "snap" (hint:  you might have some in your toolbox).

Project:  Snappy Bags

metal measuring tape
scissors (not your best ones, but not kid-scissors either)
duct tape
rotary knives and cutting mats (optional, but very handy!)

1.  Decide how large you want your bag.  Everyone in our class made small-ish bags (from wallet-sized to sandwich-sized), but I've heard rumor that these clasps work even better in bigger bags (like a knitting bag!).
2.  Cut out fabric (more detailed instructions can be found here and here)
3.  Sew it up, but leave a sleeve open for the measuring tape. (see note above)
4. Cut your measuring tape, rounding the corners slightly and covering the ends with duct tape, if desired, to make them less sharp.
5.  Decide how loudly you'd like your bag to snap (see video samples below).  The louder snaps have the numbered sides facing each other.  The quieter one has the snaps facing out in the finished item.  They both seem to be equally secure.
6.  Insert your measuring tape and sew the seam closed.

Hindsight Tips:
1.  Measuring tapes are easily available at dollar stores, but if you already have a busted one in your stash, by all means, use that!
2.  Those little corners that you cut off are SHARP!  Have a trashcan nearby and dispose of the shreds immediately.  You don't want to run into them later.
3.  Although both of the tutorials I linked to above had frippery (ruffles, triangle "handles") plain, unadorned bags work just fine.  You don't need a handle.
4.  This bag can easily be made (even lined!) using just one piece of fabric.  Just make it long enough to be both the exterior and lining of the bag.  If you're unsure how this would work, or want a photo tutorial, leave a comment on this post.  If there is enough demand, I'll put together a tutorial for the fastest, easiest version of the snappy bag ever!

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