Oct 30, 2012

NeedleReads: Infinity Scarves

Circle scarf, Infinity scarf, scarf-lace (as opposed to necklace).... call it what you want, this accessory is all the rage and is almost as easy to sew as it is to wear!

Sewing Project: Bias-Cut Infinity Scarves
fabric with a good drape (knits, crepes, etc.  anything soft and flowy will work well)
Cutting mats (the larger the better, best if they have the 45-degree angle line marked clearly)
rotary knives
large rulers
iron (somewhat optional)
this measurement guide  with options for short (headband size!), medium and long scarves

How to make the scarves (first, watch the video):
 1.  cut out a parallelogram from your fabric, where the “straight” edges are cut on the 45° angle.

2.  sew your slanted sides, right sides together, to create a simple tube of fabric.  (as you’re sewing it, it will look lumpy and weird.  you’re doing it right.)

3.  lay your tube flat on a table and flop the bottom edge up to the top edge.  all of your raw edges should now be aligned (four layers).
4.  pin the very top layer of fabric to the very bottom layer of fabric (leaving the middle two layers free)–just a few pins will do.
5.  sew all the way around the circle (leaving a hole to turn it inside out).
6.  turn it inside out.  press it (optional).  stitch the hole closed.  done.

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