Oct 3, 2012

Toddler Art: Milk Painting

Your kitchen cupboard holds the ingredients for a fabulous (and tasty) paint!

Art Project: Milk Paint
sweetened condensed milk
food coloring
shallow bowls
lightweight cardboard (or heavyweight paper)
regular paint (in case of kids with dairy allergies)
wet wipes!


cover art Kitten's first full moon / Henkes, Kevin
Music to make art by:  
cover art Catch the moon [sound recording] / Loeb, Lisa


Divide the sweetened condense milk among the bowls.  Mix in food coloring to get the desired colors (I used up to 9 drops of food coloring in a few tablespoons of milk to get nice bright colors).

What Kids Do: 
--Paint using paintbrushes

--Paint using fingers

--Feel how the sticky texture makes your hands stick together and makes clapping even more fun than usual!

--Taste the "paint"

--paint their nails (again)

Hindsight Tips & notes: 
--When dry  (which might take a few hours) this paint stays beautifully shiny!
--consider providing paper bags to transport the artwork home in.  These are STICKY, STICKY, STICKY!

 Adult Challenge:  Big Hand off the Art!  (Please don't paint on your child's painting.  It's their own artwork and adding your own scribbles or images sends the message that whatever they're doing isn't good enough.)

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