Dec 20, 2012

Wonderworks: Engineering with Tubes
What can you do with a tube?

Engineering Project:  exploring the properties of tubes 
PVC pipe cut into 6" and 12" lengths, plus elbows and other connectors
cardboard tubes (paper towel, t.p., wrapping paper, etc.)
glue dots
toy cars & ballls
extra large cardboard tubes from carpet stores (ask, they'll likely give them to you for free!)
bristle rollers (I found mine at the dollar store and a beauty supply shop)
foam insulation for pipes (just wander the hardware store looking for inexpensive tubes made from different materials!)

 cover art Cars galore / Stein, Peter 

 What Kids Do: 

 (in the photo above, he found a marble on the floor and was using the tube as a tool to drag it across the room.  sort of like a vaccuum.  brilliant!)
 talk through the tube

 race cars and balls through the giant tubes
 experiment with funnels (i don't seem to have photos of anyone using the funnels to direct water through the large "bubble tea" straws, but several people tried this.)
build marble rollers by attaching magnets to cardboard tubes with glue dots, then sticking them to our metal doors.
 build things with bristle rollers
stick the bristle rollers to sweaters, shirts, and ... hair!

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