Dec 19, 2012

Craft Lab: Gingerbread Zombies
So tasty, you'll want to eat their brains!

Project: Create Creepy Cookies
gingerbread and/or sugar cookies shaped like people
food coloring
icing tips & other cake decorating supplies
candy (mini m&ms, red & white peppermints, red hots, mini chocolate chips, etc.)

What we did:

 Favorite quote: 
 "hmmm...  it's all decorated, but it doesn't look like a zombie. What can I do to... Oh wait, I've got it!"

"Yep. That's better."

Hindsight Tip: use real decorating bags, not plastic zipper bags!  We even used freezer bags and they kept splitting at the seam or around the icing tip seal.  Very frustrating and messy, but also very delicious.

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