Feb 13, 2013

Toddler Art Class: Indoor Snow!


When it's too cold to go outside (or too warm for snow), make some indoors with two simple ingredients!
Art Project:  Indoor (warm) snow!
shaving cream
sticks (optional)
  cover art Snow / Shulevitz, Uri

Music to make art by:
  cover art Little seed songs for children / [sound recording] : Guthrie, Woody

 What Kids Do: 
some kids dug right in and mixed this stuff together with their hands.

 others did NOT like the feel of this sticky mix all over their fingers.
 They chose to stir it with a stick instead (note:  hands work a lot better!)
 Some kids dumped it from one bucket to another...
 Some loved smearing it all over the table...
 Some discovered that clapping with hands full of this mix produced fun and splattery results!
 and some painted their baby sister's feet.
 at least one kid loved this mixture so much...
 that she REALLY got into it!  (Hey mom, sorry about your hair!)
 And a few discovered that this mixture makes great snowballs!

Hindsight Tip: 
--Mixing in individual bowls/buckets was a great idea.  I'd originally envisioned this in large bowls that a whole table full of kids helped with, but each kid being able to interact with the materials in their own way was definitely the way to go.
--Plastic baggies to take home leftovers is recommended.

Variations to try: 
try adding color?

Adult Challenge:  Try not to mix this for your child.  We discovered in the first class that if both adults and kids are mixing this stuff, almost all of the mixture just stuck to hands and there was nothing left to play with!  Plus, the mixing is really the learning part of this activity.  I realize that it's hard to keep your hands out of this tantalizing concoction, so I'd recommend getting your own bowl to play with!

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