Feb 5, 2013

Toddler Art Class: Shredded Paper Snow


Let it snow.... indoors!

Art Project: shredded paper snow 
shredded paper
black paper
wooden craft sticks

cover art All you need for a snowman / Schertle, Alice

 What Kids Do: 
This is what it looked like outside today:
 This is what it looked like inside today:

 (I love this 3-D snowman!)

 some kids actually interacted with the glue:

 and some managed to combine both the glue and the shredded paper onto their black paper!

Hindsight Tip: 
--During the first class, I'd also put out gluesticks and crayons to offer some options, but they both became vehicles for the liquid glue (rendering the crayons useless for their original purpose and making the gluesticks and even stickier mess), so i removed them for the last two classes. 
--This is a very messy project.  Not the kind that will ruin your clothes, but the kind you will definitely want to clean up with a good vaccuum.  Even if you have tarps down.

 Variations to try: 
--This might be a nice outdoor project for summer.  (less sweeping!)
--shred different colored paper (blue = water, brown = sand or dirt, green = grass.....)

1 comment:

  1. It seems like the kids really enjoyed playing with the shredded paper snow! I like the paper snowman too! It does seem like a messy project to do though, but at least the kids had fun with it.

    Ruby Badcoe


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