Oct 24, 2013

NeedleReads: Felt & Fleece Mittens

Making mittens from fleece and felt is quick and rewarding!

felted wool sweaters and/or fleece
old t-shirts (optional, for lining)

cover art Sweater surgery : how to make new things from old sweaters / Girard, Stefanie
(mitten patterns, p. 40 & 42)

cover art Felt : 30 fun projects for felt (and fabric) lovers / Carestio, Amanda
(mitten pattern, p. 94)

What we did:
We actually used the printable pdf mitten pattern from the Purl Bee website to make mittens in NeedleReads this month (but the patterns in the books mentioned above are very similar).  First, everyone pinned their patterns onto their fabric.  If you fabric has a right and wrong side, be SURE that you are cutting out both a left and a right mitten by flipping the two thumb pieces, cutting one with those pattern pieces face up and one with them face down.
 Augustus Mouse oversees the work.

 Then we sewed them together according to the instructions on the Purl Bee site.  Super fast and easy.  Some people even finished two whole pairs!  (This pair looks a bit like shark puppets... hmmmm....)

Warm and toasty, easy-peasy!

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