Oct 22, 2013

Toddler Art Class: Playing with Clay


Simple materials can be the most compelling.

Art Project: Playing with [air dry] clay
clay (we used Crayola Air Dry variety)
cookie cutters
rolling pins
plastic baggies in case anyone wants to take their clay home

  cover art Dave the potter : artist, poet, slave / Hill, Laban Carrick

 What Kids Do: 
smash it! 
 roll it!
 crumble it!
 wrap it around the rolling pin like a wheel!
 line it up in a row!
 try cookie cutters!  upside down makes interesting results..
 as does a clay-and-cookie-cutter sandwich..
 or just piling on as many cookie cutters as you can stack up!
The end of the rolling pin makes a nice circle shape.
 And this texture tool makes a nice stomping action!
Variations to try: 
You could try this same activity with playdough, but I did have several people comment that their kid never plays this long with playdough, but they seem to love this stuff.  It does have a firmer and slightly stickier texture.  You could also try Sculpey or modeling clay.

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