Jan 29, 2014

Craft Lab: String art

If I had a hammer.... and some nails and a bit of thread, I'd make string art to hang on my walls!

Craft Lab Project:  String Art
blocks of wood (ours were about 4-6"-ish)

What we did:

1. Sketch out designs on paper with a pencil:
 2.  Place the paper on top of a block of wood and hammer nails through the paper, into the wood at key points in your design:

 3.  (Remove the paper before you wrap thread around the nails, or you have to extract it with great care and possibly cursing.)
4. Tie a knot around one of the nails to begin. Wrap thread around the nails in either a repeated pattern or in random fashion.  You might need to wrap it all the way around each nail (instead of just winding it between nails) unless you don't mind holding it at an even tension for the duration of your project.

5.  When you have enough string built up on your artwork, tie another knot around a nail to finish off your piece and lock the threads in place.
6.  Admire the shadows your string art makes!
Check out this great two-layered, two-colored design she's begun!

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