Jan 31, 2014

NeedleReads: Pajama Pants

Did you know that you can sew your own clothes at the library?

NeedleReads project:  Pajama Pants!
fabric (at least 2-2.5 yards of quilting weight or flannel or fleece)
sewing machines
paper to trace the pattern onto


cover art Weekend sewing : more than 40 projects and ideas for inspired stitching / Ross, Heather
We used the "Pajama Pants for Everyone" pattern by Heather Ross.

What we did:
1.  Traced the pattern onto butcher paper in the sizes we needed for the class participants.  Then cut out the paper pattern and pin onto our fabric (two layers) and cut it out:
 2.  Consulted the instructions in the book:
 3.  Started sewing (some of us for the first time on a machine, ever!)
 and ironing...
 And finished up with a pair of pj pants for everyone!

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