Dec 19, 2014

Twelve Days of Apps: Inventioneers (Day 12)

 (Creative Commons image: Jesper Hauge)
My #1 favorite new app of the year is..... Inventioneers by Filimundus! (iOS, Android)

(image: kapiawards)
Developer: Filimundus
Pricing: Free with in-app purchases
Platform: iOS (Apple) & Android
Summary: Long ago, I discovered the Pettson's Inventions apps.  I love these apps for their wacky inventions and the wonderful accent of "Pettson" himself. My one complaint (and it didn't stop me from loving the game) was that the inventions had one and only one right answer.  And if you really were feeling brain-lazy, you could just try dropping the pieces into random spots all over the picture and they would eventually snap into the correct position, making the app a glorified puzzle app. Imagine my delight when I learned that Filimundus had developed Inventioneers--an app with puzzles similar to Pettson's but with multiple solutions! And not just "three correct solutions" but a wide open playing field where if you can make the invention work (no matter if it's the way the game creators planned or not) then you win! And my favorite section? "Create" -- where you are provided with all of the different pieces from all of the different puzzles and invited to create your own inventions from scratch!  So many fantastic creative possibilities! This is an app I play side-by-side with my 4-year-old son and it's fun to watch him come up with solutions that I never would have tried and that totally work. Older kids could easily play it on their own, but it would be a shame for adults not to try out the app too.  It's so much fun (with sneaky physics and engineering lessons woven in)!
If you like this, try: searching for "Cardboard Marble Run" ideas on Pinterest. Try making your own inventions in the real world!

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