Dec 18, 2014

Twelve Days of Apps: StarWalk for Kids (Day 11)

 (Creative Commons image: Jesper Hauge)
Learn more about the night sky in StarWalk Kids: a kid-friendly, but packed-with-facts app.

Developer: Vito Technology
Pricing: paid
Platform: iOS (Apple)
Summary: Open this app any time of day or night, and hold it towards the sky to see what planets, stars and constellations are currently hovering above your head (or "below your feet" on the other side of the globe!). Each heavenly body that they list is accompanied by a page of quick facts (the number of stars in the constellation, number of moons a planet has, etc, plus most have a brief accompanying audio or video clip with more information. You can navigate the app by tapping objects in the sky on the screen, or pull down a menu organized by type of celestial object and alphabetically. I love this app because my son has demonstrated real learning from it--pulling up the name of Sagittarius from memory when he saw a similar picture in a book and building a "Hubble" out of LEGO pieces. I'm looking forward to taking the app with us on a clear night and comparing what we can see with our eyes with the information that appears on the screen.
If you like this, try: Find the Constellations -- a book by H.A. Rey (yes, the same author as the Curious George books!)

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