Jun 25, 2015

The Supper Club presents: Road Trip and Vehicle apps

 Whether you've got a big road trip planned this summer or just have a fan of transportation and vehicles, this month's Supper Club apps are sure to be a hit with your family!

 Sago Mini Road Trip by Sago Mini ($, iOS & Android)
My LittleWork Garage  by Filimundus ($, iOS & Android)

 This is my car by urbn pockets ($, iOS only)

DipDap by Cube Interactive ($, iOS & Android)

Roxie’s A-maze-ing Vacation  Adventure by OCG Studios ($, iOS only)

Simple Machines by TInyBop($, iOS only)

Take-out Box: 
Makego by Cowly Owl ($, iOS only) 
Toca Cars by Toca Boca ($, iOS & Android)

Parent tip of the month: 

Use apps as a catalyst for interaction, not a replacement of it.

Choose apps that help you build a relationship with your child and inspire

conversation and joint engagement.

For tonight's craft, we made magnetic car tracks.

 I used thin cardboard sheets (donated from a patron's dry cleaning stash) instead of paper plates to give a larger driving surface. In hindsight, I realized that we could have attached paperclips to the back of the cars instead of magnets, so if you want to save a little money, try that out. 
 I love the tracks the kids designed!  This one is a lovely park and garden:
 And this one is underwater -- watch out for the shark!

Happy travels to you!

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