Jul 2, 2015

Wonderworks: Wheel + Axle Engineering

Kids talk about wheels all the time, but axles are less frequently discussed--let's talk about this classic pair and how they work together.

Today's topic: Engineering Wheel & Axle combinations
Supplies (suggestions --feel free to improvise):
Tinkertoys (I found a partial set at a second-hand store)
Rolling pins or brayers
small dowels or wooden skewers with the tips cut blunt
toy cars
heavy book or brick

What we read:
Rattletrap Car by Phyllis Root

What the kids did:

-- built rolling wheels with the Tinkertoys

 --experimented with multiple axles
 and multiple wheels
 SO many wheels!
 tried combining two sets of wheels and axles:
 rolled the Tinkertoy wheels down a ramp
 Threaded spools onto the wooden sticks and checked out the rolling action.
 Threaded LOTS of spools on the sticks
 Sent toy cars down ramps (this never gets old!),

 Observed the wheels and axle on the (tiny, secondhand) skateboard:
 Tried moving a very heavy book with a bunch of pencils (this project idea was inspired by the chapter on wheels in Science is Simple)
 Rolled the brayers (and the rolling pins... didn't get any pictures of that, though.)
 Re-enacted the story using the Book Props set (sadly, no longer available for purchase):
Adult Challenge of the week:  Watch.  (i.e. just stand back and let your kid explore. Trust me--they're learning!)

Variations to try: LEGOs would work well for this project!

Related Apps:   Simple Machines by TinyBop has a fun game to play with wheels and axles!

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