Aug 13, 2016

The Supper Club presents: Apps about circuits!

 In July, we featured lots of apps about electricity and circuits.  Having just finished a full day of Wild Rumpusing, a few of these apps were beyond my logic capacity, but perhaps it was a more realistic demonstration of how your kid might interact with the app?  Anyway, if you or your kid are interested in how circuits are created, try out some of these apps. 

The free "lite" version lets users try out different combinations to try to complete the circuit and light a bulb. If you buy the full version, you can also explore how hydroelectric, thermal and solar electricity are generated.  Note: This app has a lot of written text and no read-to-me options, so it's best for older kids or for adults and kids to use together.

Multiple "virtual science experiments" including creating a circuit with a battery, lightbulb and switch.
A beautifully designed explore & discover game, a prequel to the even more beautiful Lumino City game.  There were a few parts of this game that I found extremely difficult to solve without seeking hints, so this one is best played with a partner.  The storyline does deal with electricity and circuits!

This app has so many possibilities! Figure out what each of the different components can do, then put them together in various ways to build your own "machine"!  For instance, combine a light sensor and a recording of your voice saying "Stay away from my cookies" then put your iPhone in the cookie jar.  If someone lifts the lid, they'll get quite a fright!

Several of the "inventions" in this game are about connecting multiple parts of a circuit.  All of the "inventions" are hilarious!

Today's activity was Circuit Blocks!  The Madison Public Library's Bubbler loaned me the kit of home-made Circuit Blocks and those were DEFINITELY the biggest hit of the evening!

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