Aug 17, 2016

Supper Club: What's Inside?

Apps that dig a little deeper to find out what's INSIDE?

 -- an alphabet app with interactive x-ray art of each object.

 -- how deep can you dig on a ladybug's back? It'll boggle your mind!

--take a walk with Bato as he gathers friends and instruments for a music party.

--a crazy mash-up of classic children's book and high-tech x-ray images revealing the "hidden" gears that make the pop-up pieces move.  (See an excellent preview video by clicking on the app title above.)

Skyscrapers by Tinybop ($2.99, iOS only)
--explore and play with the properties of very tall buildings. The plumbing gets the most giggles per minute!

Tiny Pirates by Wonderkind ($2.99, iOS only)
--design your own pirate character, then play in the seaport or out on a pirate ship (cut away so that you can see the activity inside the ship)

Take-out box:

How to make Electricity by Crayonbox (FREE for Lite version, full version $2.99, iOS only)

Bogga Magic by BoggaTap (99c, iOS, free-Amazon)

Dada Trains by DADA Company ($2.99, iOS only)

This evening's hands-on project was to create our own pop-up books (or cards) using these fabulous reference pages from Bookzoompa. Only one kid had time to stay and make one at the library tonight and you can see hers above in the title photo.

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