Jan 31, 2013

WonderWorks: Same & Different


Before we can talk about ranking things in order by size or sorting things by type, we must simply ask what it means for objects to be the same and different.

Today's Topic:  Same & Different
--Memory Games (there are many free printable versions online if you don't have easy access to ready-made.  We used this cute popsicle version today.)
--Domino Games (you could use the ones with dots, but stay away from ones with more than 5 dots at this age.  You can also try picture dominoes.  There's a free printable version here.)
--Any other matching games (we used Socken!)
--Buttons in a variety of sizes, colors, finishes, number of holes...
--foam alphabet letters in both capital and lowercase
--wooden blocks
--6 pairs of plastic eggs filled with different objects (instructions here)
--6 pairs of balloons filled with different textures (instructions here, only I also added a second balloon stretched over the finished ball to make it just that much stronger)

  cover art Same same / Jocelyn, Marthe
What I thought kids might do (or where I found inspiration):
Play Popsicle Memory game
Try a tactile matching game (SO many activities for this topic were visual.  It was nice to get a few that you needed to use your other senses for.)
Or a sound matching game (same note as above)

 What Kids Do: 
 play "Memory" (the set pictured here is called "I Never Forget a Face" and features kids from all over the world)
 find pairs of socks
 sorted letters by color (and also found their names and apparently put together math equations....)
 identified same and different textures
 identified same and different sounds
 and played with letters some more.  This was a last minute addition to the options and the runaway hit of the day.  I've got to remember to bring these letters out more often!
Variations to try: 
--Now that we've talked about same and different and different ways to catalog objects, I think it might be time to talk about patterns and sequencing (big, bigger, biggest)!
--Try this hidden object game!

Related Apps:
There are lots of mini-game apps that include a "memory game" component.  My very favorite is one called Fiete Match by Ahoiii.  There are tons of variants to try within the app and you're playing against Fiete (a cute little sailor) who responds with appropriate emotions when he is successful or not (or when he gets bored waiting for you to take your turn!).

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