Aug 15, 2013

Craft Lab: Duct Tape
Duct tape:  it's not just for ducts any more!

Project:  assorted Duct Tape crafts
Duct tape (as wide a variety as you can afford)
cardboard (empty duct tape rolls from previous duct tape events were popular today!)

What we did:
1.  Learn to make duct tape "fabric" by lining up a bunch of strips of duct tape, sticky side up and overlapping slightly.  Then, apply more duct tape (sticky side down) on top of that layer with the tape running perpendicular to the original strips of tape.

 Or.... just stick tape directly to your iPod cover.

 We made:  wallets and bracelets (just covered empty cardboard duct tape rolls with tape)
 And mini iPhone bows
 And of course... a few Tardis's  (or is it Tardi?)

 For more duct tape inspiration, try these titles:

cover art Just duct tape it! / Wallenfang, Patti

cover art Go crazy with duct tape / Wallenfang, Patti

cover art The duct tape book : 25 projects to make with duct tape / Dobson, Jolie

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